What you see above is the number one most important step in starting any candy recipe! No matter how familiar you are with a recipe, you need to read and re-read each time because the measurements/temperatures/etc. need to be painstakingly exact or things will not turned out as planned! Here we see Tom getting ready to start!

Here is the first step, measuring out the gelatin! Did you know that all gelatin is actually derived from animal bones?? Crazy, right? The variety we use is bovine (from cows) and is certified kosher (Although certainly not vegan!)

Next comes the sugar and corn syrup! Which are both technically just 2 forms of sugar. You will find that, in candy making, you end up using multiple forms of sugar in your recipes. Each serves its own unique purpose in the recipes, whether it be to add to the taste or to modify the texture!

As you can see above, corn syrup is very different in texture than your typical granulated sugar!

While Margaret was measuring out the ingredients, Tom has been hard at work whisking up the gelatin and water.

Here we see Tom adding sugar #3!!

As old-fashioned and tried-and-true as you can get, the old time copper pot is used for cooking our candies!

The mixing is done using another great old-fashioned item, the wooden spoon!

As we mentioned before, it is SO important that you follow exact measurements while making candy. The thermometer directly in the liquid allows us to get an immediate check to ensure things are right where they should be!

Things are now really getting underway. Check out all that foamy goodness!