The hot and super-steamy ingredients have all been poured into the mixer, hence all this steam you see! Now it is time to add the final ingredients.

Here is our last dose of flavor: some vanilla and yet another sugar substance!

Of course whenever you cook, you also must clean up. We use a mixture of citric acid and water to get our pots nice and sparkly clean!

Here Tom is setting up a resting place for the marshmallow. Metal borders are set up to contain the marshmallow once it is poured. Here is where it will rest and set until the next morning when it is cut!

Looks great! Time to pour!

The candy and the bowl together are quite heavy, so this is a team effort!

Once it is poured, the marshmallow is spread out evenly over the table.

In a later blog post, we will delve further into the prepping/dipping processes, but here is the delicious final product from our lovely day of marshmallow. Yum!