Here is the beginning of the creamy nougat base for maple cream eggs. The fun thing about these eggs is watching them go from looking so plain to looking so yummy in a very short period of time!

Here you see one of the best ingredients around: brown sugar. The brown sugar helps to both give the candy great flavor but to also help give it the nice brown color!

As you can see, the sugar mixture bubbling away in the kettle is certainly not too pretty. But I promise you it smells wonderful!

Here, Tom is preparing the corn starch trays that will hold the candy in its proper shape while it cools.

These are the molds that we use to make the impressions in the corn starch. As you can see, there are different sizes/shapes for different products. The eggs are egg-shaped (obviously) and larger while the cream molds are smaller and more spherical.

Here, Tom has gone through and made all the indentations for the eggs. The corn starch acts as a cooling agent for the candy and the candy will stay here until it is time for them to be dipped.

Here is the sugar mixture, continuing to bubble! As we always say here, temperature is SO important, so the thermometer is fairly constantly in the liquid to make sure we are very exact!

Our candy base mix is starting to look good, nice and gooey and creamy!

You can’t forget maple flavoring! Here it is added before the final mixing! The two mixtures are combined together and it’s time to pour!

To properly pour the candy without overfilling/spilling, a small funnel-like apparatus is used with a wooden stick-like object. Tom raises and lowers the stick in order to modify how much liquid is let out.

And here is what they look like! Don’t they look delicious??