This last week, the Delightful Day preschool class from St. Bede’s Church in Mentor came to pay us a visit (the classes visited Wednesday and Thursday). This includes our very own Layla Stanek, great-grandaughter of the current owners of Brandt’s (Dr. & Mrs. James Phillips)!

Here, Tom (one of our cooks) gives the kids a little lesson about our marble countertops. They are always nice and cool and help to cool the candy consistently after it is poured.

The kids are taking a look at the cool alligator and guitar molds!

I can’t resist continuously posting pictures of the melted chocolate. I just think it looks so delicious.

Here, Tom is showing the kids how we use our molds to make impressions in the cornstarch, where we then pour the candy.

Here, Margaret shows off the gigantic marshmallow mixing bowl. The bowl is almost as tall as these 4 year olds!

Everyone excitedly waits in line to dip their very own animal crackers in melted milk chocolate.