Cherry cordials are one of the candies that are pretty neat to see being made. And of course are very delicious to eat. You bite through the chocolate shell and you get to the sweet juicy inside. Yum! As you see above, the cherry cordials start out as plump, bright maraschino cherries.

The very first step in creating the center of a cherry cordial is to take the maraschino cherries for a tumble in a mixture of sugar and flavorings!

As the cherries tumble, Tom uses a “flavor gun” to spray into the tumbler as it goes. This creates great layers of flavor and sweetness inside the cordial.

When you make the cordials, many come out looking great and perfectly shaped. However, some come out either malformed or too tiny. Which introduces a perk of owning a candy shop, eating the mistakes!! Because it would be a crime to throw them out!

Here is the delicious milk chocolate that will soon be covering some of the cordials (the rest will be dark chocolate). Here, one of our “dippers” (Sandy and Judy are exclusively in charge of all of the chocolate work, they have many years of experience. It is definitely an art!).

The first step here is giving the cordial some chocolate “feet”. Since the cordials are spherical, they will roll around unless they are given a flat base to set them down.

And here is the awesomely delicious and gorgeous finished product!